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Friday, February 18, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Year of The Cock by Alan Wieder

I finished reading "Year Of The Cock".  THIS  time you can tell a book by the cover!

A Jewish film producer/editor in Hollywood leaves his wife for greener pastures.

Well, after two months of Debauchery(booze, drugs, women) & by the 50th page....the Book(His life story) turns into the more smelly stuff you find in those pastures!
The book is a true story about his downward spiral into OCD/nervous Breakdown & most of all "P.E." (his obsession of his Private part being to small).

If you can get past the vulgarness of it(what many would not) really shows how an obsessive worry or thought for someone with metal illness can snowball out of control & destroys your life!

The story is a hardcore view into the life of a very successful producer who seemed to have it all! In truth internally he had nothing!

How did it happen? How did he overcome it? What is he doing now?

Read to find out !

This book would be offensive to many. Other's will either see it as funny or a True in look into mental insanity & a man's fight to overcome it.

In between the lines you get an inside look at the real Truth behind reality TV shows......since this was his main forte' !

I give it 4 stars ! Though I would warn you it is very detailed & includes page after page of him pulling on his you know what & hating himself.
It is a HARDCORE insight into self loathing. Not a book for the faint of heart! His Reality was so much more complex than the shows  he created!