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Mainc Depressive, 40+ S/W/F from Southeast Texas. I love my family, friends, pets & GOD! I am a Dreamer, A thinker, A Poet, A mother to many! I awake each day asking myself: "What will make me Happy today?" I don't believe in Guilt, Remorse or Regret. If that makes me a Pshycopath~so be it! I live for today, tomorrow & enternity with the GOD/Jesus in Paradise. This life is but a second or two in our enternal lives. It is a vacation, a chance for learning, loving, feeling happiness~joy, pain~heartache & growing spirtually. So sit back & enjoy the show! Remember you will be judge by the standards you judge others! Follow the 10 comandments & when you screw up ~fall down & ask forgiveness from God! Yeah! I am a sinner but JC's got my back. FYI~With all that said........ keep in mind~I am still a Bi~Polar Crazy Woman! Yeah! I have to fall on my knees alot! Marcy Lynn Strahan ZESTYWONDERLAND@GMAIL.COM

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Come hither my forlorn love.
Lay thy head upon my breast.
I ask not why the wind cries,
or why the firefly is luminous
I ask not why this river flows
so feverishly down my chest.
Come hither my forlorn love.
Lay thy worries upon my
I ask not why the ground
or why the air has grown
I ask not why the skies are
or why the child must grow
Come hither my forlorn love.
Lay thy broken dreams upon my
I ask not why the flame burns,
or why fall must follow
I ask not why it snows in
or why the mountains crumble.
Come hither my forlorn love.
Lay your troubled mind upon my
I ask not when the sun will
or why the apple falls from
the tree.
I ask not why at times like
you need my comfort and

BY:  Marcy Lynn Strahan

Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Review: "The Survivors Club" By Ben Sherwood

First let me note : take the Survivor Profiler Quiz/test &  get your Survivor IQ, Get your Free unique 10 digit ID code, go to This is all free & really insightful

Now, this is one review I find hard to write. This book was not what I thought it would be...but it IS very riveting! The Survivors Club novel takes you through many steps to becoming a Survivor by real life stories of Survivors. It is very in depth & thought provoking. You will Never be the same once you've read this book! You will be Better, stronger & wiser!
The only complaint ~I can muster is that the author seemed a little A.D.H.D. at times!
You really have to follow closely or you will loose tract. He often starts a point A..goes to x.y.z & then back to B!
For more check out:

I would suggest you take the Profiler IQ Test too!
My results are:

This is just the basic results! Yes, there are detailed pages on my personality from this...I would rather not post. For Me IT  Was 1000% True!

IMO: "The Hunger Games" Movie **FAIL** My Rant!

Personally~I have no wish to see "The Hunger Games" ! Considering the level of Bullying, school shootings & the escalation of teen violence in America....I think the "Premise" of this movie is counterproductive to our society. Knowing how Teen & Young adults tend to "Glorify" things the see in the Movies & TV....I find this type of entertainment is like pouring salt in an open wound & not expecting a reaction. We need more "Heart Warming & educational" , movies that "teach" tolerance & other positive messages(Such as Geek Charming). The fact that "The Hunger Games" had record breaking Box Office Opening.......makes one question many things about the "condition" & "morality" of our society.
While Transformers had some's overall message was about working together to save mankind...and most of all ~{Love thy Neighbor..even if that Neighbor is an Alien life form!}. Transformers was/is a Good VS. Evil..........& Good Prevails. This is what We need more of..don't you think ???? I Do !!!!!!! ♥

My Bottom Line is: We are so worried about Terrorist...yet look how many people have gone to see this movie! A movie which is the equivalent to Brainwashing our youth into becoming like the "Children Of The Corn".  Do you think they kept it PG for the heck of it...NO NO NO!
I read on another blog how a Woman's child was brought to this movie a *GET THIS* field trip! How Wrong is that ??? She manage to go to..only to hear the kids screaming out loud things like, "KILL HIM!" & "SLASH HIS THROAT!".
When Will Americans See that the real terrorism is the Brainwashing Media like this.
Don't even get me started on the Sale of Bath Salts & "Fake Weed" at Gas Stations.
The drugs on our streets, gangs & guns, child exploitation, music that Promotes the Gangster Life.
You think the threat is from overseas...think's here on every street corner & the Media.
You & your children buying products & services from any of those promoting these things~IS where it starts. You Have the power to stop it by ..stopping the cash flow..close your wallets to things that are causing the downfall of our society!

IMO : Post Game Riots !

Another reason I am NOT a Sports fan. The latest post-game Riot ~Sickens me beyond Words. This keeps happening OVER & OVER! What is Wrong with these people. Why are they mindless drones lacking in self worth to a point they ~wrap their identity in being a fan? Then act like a pack of Wild dogs wreaking so much havoc & violence??? Why do they want to damage property & harm others ?? All the while.....the sports players & corporations are Making it rich ...laughing all the way to the bank! Once again I state: There is little difference between Current sporting events & the days The  Romans fed Christians to the Lions for entertainment!
(The Movie The Hunger Games promotes this too!) People Wake Up !!!
I predict that someday..maybe 100 or more years from now, if the earth is still here---Sporting events will be Televised. However they will be played in private! No crowds!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

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Mina ~Fabulous Awesomeness !!

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