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Monday, April 2, 2012

IMO : Post Game Riots !

Another reason I am NOT a Sports fan. The latest post-game Riot ~Sickens me beyond Words. This keeps happening OVER & OVER! What is Wrong with these people. Why are they mindless drones lacking in self worth to a point they ~wrap their identity in being a fan? Then act like a pack of Wild dogs wreaking so much havoc & violence??? Why do they want to damage property & harm others ?? All the while.....the sports players & corporations are Making it rich ...laughing all the way to the bank! Once again I state: There is little difference between Current sporting events & the days The  Romans fed Christians to the Lions for entertainment!
(The Movie The Hunger Games promotes this too!) People Wake Up !!!
I predict that someday..maybe 100 or more years from now, if the earth is still here---Sporting events will be Televised. However they will be played in private! No crowds!!!

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