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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thyroid Problems

This is what just a little salt does to me! I have good days & bad days.
The last picture was a very very very bad day. Well they are all the same day ~I think just before & after eating fast food that had Idiodized salt Plus I had a salty desert. Big mistake!
I should have taken a picture of my ankles......they became Cankles.....looks as big as grapefruits.
Tell my why fast food places can't use Idione free salt??????????

Guess I need to find a sweepstakes or two with some nice Scarfs.

Okay ! Now I've got to find something on YouTube to Get some laughter & happiness going on!!!!!!!!!!!


v.r. said...

According to the articles I have read, the fast food places do NOT use iodized salt:)
But I would double check on that.
However the sea food naturally contains a lot of iodine, so try to cut on that first.
The reaction similar to that is commonly found among the people with chronic autoimmune thyroiditis.
I could guess that the tumor you mentioned in previous post is small, as it is not visible on the pictures [but many tumors of 2 cm and larger are visible when the person swallows with the neck extended]


My tumor is about 1 cm & looks on a ultra sound like a small catapillar with fuzzy string like fringe on it.
I had a boispy but not sure how the tested the sample/tissue.
It was inconclusive.
I opted to follow up with another boispy & ultra sound ~which I am past due to get done again.
The last showed no change. Thank God!
It's as if my left side of my thyroid has quit functioning & the right has doubled in size & doing all the work.
Blood test are still normal with T4 a bit high.
I do have "spells" that last 5-15 minutes........but so far so good.
Another person mention another kind of test....I will have to check into that.
Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

v.r. said...

Most cancerous tumors are about 2 cm and very firm on palpation — almost wood like.
The FNA takes loose cells, not the tissue sample. If you going to have next biopsy make sure it is done under the ultrasound, as sometimes the sample is taken not from the center of nodule. Was the “fuzzy string like fringe on it” looked like comet tail? Have you ever been tested for elevated TPO antibodies? [Level 100 and above points to autoimmune thyroiditis; the gland is swollen and ultrasound shows heterogeneous echotexture] This can happen despite normal TSH and T4 levels. If swelling on your neck moves up as you swallowing it can point to thyroid inflammation.
The worst possible thing can be done is to jump to the quick conclusion and scary the patient. Even the nodule “suspicious for cancer” according to FNA turns out to be non cancerous in 78 to 82 % according to the studies!!!
I like your idea to wear the scarf, get a green one.